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Senior Cloud DevOps Engineer



Software Engineering
San Jose, CA, USA
Posted on Wednesday, October 4, 2023

At Mendel, we harness AI to revolutionize healthcare. Our ambition is to ensure every patient's journey informs healthcare decisions, optimizing treatment plans and promoting drug discoveries. Through comprehensive analysis of patient health records, we aspire to deliver timely and precise care. If you share our zeal for healthcare advancement through technology, let's reshape the future together.

About the Role

As a Senior Cloud DevOps Engineer, you will be crucial in bridging the gap between development and operations teams. Your primary responsibility will be to design, implement, and manage the cloud infrastructure and tools that support continuous software application integration, delivery, and deployment. You will be tasked with automating various aspects of the development and deployment process to enhance efficiency, scalability, and reliability. Also, leading production issAs a Senior DevOps Engineer in the cloud, you will play a crucial role in connecting development and operations teams. Your main responsibility is to design, implement, and manage cloud infrastructure and tools that support continuous software application integration, delivery, and deployment. You will also automate various aspects of the development and deployment process to improve efficiency, scalability, and reliability. You will also lead in solving production issues and implementing integrations that meet the needs of our internal and external customers. You will collaborate with developers and engineers to ensure that software development follows established processes and works as intended, help plan projects, and be involved in project management decisions.

You Will:

  • Infrastructure Design and Management:
    • Design, develop, deploy, and maintain the cloud and on-premises infrastructure to support development, testing, and production environments.
    • Implement highly available, scalable, and secure infrastructure solutions.
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD):
    • Set up and manage CI/CD pipelines to enable automated build, test, and deployment processes.
    • Integrate version control, automated testing, and release management tools into the CI/CD pipelines.
  • Automation:
    • Automate repetitive tasks, deployment processes, and infrastructure provisioning using tools like Ansible, Terraform, Puppet, etc.
    • Implement infrastructure-as-code (IaC) principles to manage and version infrastructure configurations.
  • Monitoring and Performance:
    • Develop and maintain monitoring and logging solutions to ensure the health, performance, and availability of applications and infrastructure.
    • Troubleshoot and resolve performance issues, and proactively identify areas for improvement.
  • Security and Compliance:
    • Implement and maintain security best practices to safeguard the infrastructure and applications from potential threats.
    • Ensure compliance with relevant industry standards and regulations.
  • Collaboration and Support:
    • Collaborate with development and operations teams to identify and address infrastructure and deployment-related challenges.
    • Provide technical support and guidance to other team members.
  • Technology Research and Evaluation:
    • Stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, tools, and technologies related to DevOps practices.
    • Evaluate and recommend appropriate tools and technologies to enhance the DevOps process.

You Have:

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field.
  • 7+ years of experience as a DevOps Engineer or a similar role.
  • Strong expertise in cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, GCP, or others. GCP Preferred.
  • Proficiency in scripting languages like Python, Bash, or Ruby.
  • Hands-on experience with CI/CD tools like Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD, CircleCI, etc.
  • Experience with configuration management tools such as Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, or Chef.
  • Experience in containerization technologies like Docker and container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes.
  • Experience in logging, monitoring, and alerting tools such as Prometheus, Grafana, ELK stack, PagerDuty, etc.
  • Experience in version control systems like Git.
  • Solid Understanding of cloud networking concepts and security principles.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and ability to troubleshoot complex issues.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills to work effectively in cross-functional teams.


$170,000 - $200,000

Message to applicants applying to work in the U.S.:

When available, the salary range posted for this position reflects the projected hiring range for new hire salaries in U.S. locations. For non-sales roles, the hiring ranges reflect base salary and do not include bonuses, equity, or benefits. Hiring ranges for sales positions include base and incentive target, and do not include equity or benefits. Individual pay is determined by the candidate's hiring location and additional factors, including but not limited to skillset, experience, and relevant education, certifications or training. Applicants may not be eligible for the full salary range based on their U.S. hiring location. The recruiter can share more details about compensation for the role in your location during the hiring process.

Why should you join our team:

At Mendel, we believe in the transformative potential of technology. We offer a dynamic and rewarding work environment, competitive compensation, and comprehensive benefits. If you share our passion for innovation and making a difference in healthcare, Mendel could be the place for you. Join us as we work to improve the future of healthcare.

Mendel is a very collaborative environment. You will be taking ownership of your work and collaborate directly with different teams to see it going into production and used by customers. At the same time, you will be mentored by world class AI scientists, software engineers, and clinical and business leaders. Hear from our team here.